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Are you looking at a painting - or is it a photograph?

DeGroom’s mixed media art focuses on the fanciful and beautiful aspects of life.  Many of his works, captured from local, recognizable scenes, evoke responses… emotions…feelings... for the viewer to enjoy. Are you looking at a painting - or is it a photograph? The debate goes on!

His works are the product of a keen eye, technical expertise, and creative talent. DeGroom creates his art using numerous techniques to create the effect that compliments the mood and imagery that he is trying to achieve. Utilizing some of the latest computing techniques, he changes elements, colors, and tones of the composition, so it suits his creativity. From there, DeGroom creates his final picture. A high quality giclée is printed on  canvas or acid-free watercolor paper. The ink used in this art is both waterproof and light fast. In some cases he also hand paints on the canvas or paper to enhance the image. Some images are on aluminum, glass, canvas or paper. Open edition photographic prints, glass negative facsimiles, digital prints, and canvas transfers are also available of some images.

DeGroom has received numerous awards for his work which is found in public and private collections.  

Ron  Glazer
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